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  • Character Collection

    Character Collection

    Very welcome to meet Agnes, Agda, Eva and Estrid.
    An armchair is an interesting character. As a piece of stand alone furniture, it can be quiet and unassuming, or act as a centre piece in a room.
    Ire´s new design collection Character Collection is a tribute to the personal expression. The collection consists of four armchairs with completely different expressions,
    created by four distinguished Scandinavian designers; Front, Broberg & Ridderstråle, Andreas Engesvik and Emma Olbers.


    Once again, very welcome!


    Stand: B08.14
    Stockholm 6 - 10 February 2018

    Thursday - Friday 09.00 - 18.00
    Saturday 10.00 - 17.00

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  • A new elegance

    Well-dressed, but with a glimpse in the eye.

    Mattias Stenberg`s first sofa for Ire is called Como and combines Swedish practically with Italian elegance. Han har tidigare designat en lätt fåtölj, Chorus, och en serie soffbord för Ire.

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  • Emma Olbers - is the new creative director at Ire Möbel

    Emma Olbers - is the new creative director at Ire Möbel

    Designer Emma Olbers is the new creative director at Ire Möbel - with a focus on sustainability.

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  • Furniture on centre stage

    Furniture on centre stage

    Ire has collaborated with the creative team of Liffner Lingsell to create a series of photos with furniture that can stand up to close inspection.

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  • Furniture with a long lifespan

    Furniture with long lifespan

    What determines the cost of a piece of furniture?

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Meet our designers

  •  Ellinor Ericsson

    Ellinor Ericsson

    Ellinor Ericsson is a young designer trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Copenhagen.

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  • Josefine Alpen

    Josefine Alpen

    Josefin Alpen is a promising young designer who graduated from Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies in 2012 and has worked as a freelance designer since then.

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  • Emma Olbers

    Emma Olbers

    Emma Olbers is one of Sweden's most acclaimed contemporary furniture designers, even outside the country's borders.

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  • Carl-Henrik Spak

    Carl-Henrik Spak

    Quite a few of the best-selling classics in our collection were designed by multiple award winner Carl-Henrik Spak. Spak’s design is characterised by purity and timelessness, as well as Swedish design tradition — but also by an international feeling, finish and elegance.

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  • Jesper Ståhl

    Jesper Ståhl

    Jesper Ståhl is a freelance designer who embodies the fusion between the creativity of Småland and a Master of Design from Royal Collage of Art in London. His portfolio spans everything from kitchen utensils, tools and cutlery, to furniture, lighting and electronic products.

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