Sustainable item you will use every day

Hållbar vardagsvara

Mattias Stenberg is both an architect and a designer. He has his own studio based in Stockholm. He initially trained to be an engineer and researcher in the US, and subsequently took a degree in architecture from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

How did you begin working with Ire?
“It was a very natural process. We started talking a couple of years ago, and since then we’ve developed a close friendship. Ire has invited me to participate in all aspects of the company – designing not only products, but the booth for an upcoming furniture fair as well.”

When you work with a company, how important are environmental considerations to you?

“They are important, but I probably talk about sustainability more often. To me, sustainability begins with the goal of creating furniture and objects that are timeless. I like the idea that my products should be able to grow with their user, through different homes and phases of their lives. Of course function plays a role here as well. If you create a functional object that is a ‘beautiful item you will use every day’ at the same time, you've achieved a lot. And then of course we have sustainability at the level of materials as well. In our latest project for Ire we chose a wool fabric made from recycled wool.”

You’re working on a new piece of furniture for Ire for 2017. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

“This is an exciting partnership, since it's a project with many “firsts” for Ire. For example this is Ire’s first sofa with no legs. It’s a modular sofa that’s more of a lounge style. It’s also Ire’s first moulded sofa, with an exciting manufacturing process that gives us a lot of freedom when it comes to flowing organic shapes.”

What was your first piece of furniture for Ire, and what was the idea behind it?

“The Chorus chair. I wanted to design a chair with a Nordic sense of restraint, but with a high recognition factor as well. One early idea was the concept of a chair that ‘embraces’ you, which is how we arrived at the curved and slightly lifted armrests.”

What do you bring to Ire – what is your strength as a designer?

“I would probably say breadth. Not only because I work with a wide variety of materials and product groups, but because I like to be involved from start to finish. I'm also deeply involved in a hands-on way with the actual development of a piece of furniture, and I like to use new technology to bring it to life. In the case of Ire, which is a somewhat smaller company, I think it's been good to be involved all the way down the line. This resulted in my being asked to design Ire’s booth for the 2017 Furniture Fair in Stockholm.”