Furniture for the future

En möbel för framtiden

How did the Hanna armchair became a sofa?
– First, it was about demand, many people really liked the armchair and so it was natural to follow up with a sofa. It is also about the growing trend for day beds, which we are increasingly seeing in interior design and homes. The sofa Hanna is not a day bed, but it evokes the same feeling.
In what kind of rooms can you imagine this sofa?
– I see two areas of use. On the one hand, it can be used in combination with another type of sofa in a living room, instead of furnishing with two dainty armchairs. Today, many people choose to furnish their rooms with two diffrent sofas in the same arrangement to create personality and character in a room. On the other hand. it can be used as an extra sofa where a guest can spend the night, it is simple to turn into a bed. So the buyer could range from in-laws who need an extra bed for the grandchildren every now and then, to someone who wants to have two diffrent sofas around a coffee table.                How is it apparent that you disigned it?
– For me, envoronmental issues are important and I have wanted to make a sofa with a visable frame for a long time. I think that in some way, to the consumer it feels more honest as they can see the design clearly. If you understand how a sofa is constructed, it will also be easier to care for, rapair and recycle. I believe that is the future. Making a piece of furniture that is distinct and that does not try to hide anything. 
– For me, Ire`s commitment to quality, sustainability and comfort is extremely important. We want to make furniture with a long-term focus.