Furniture on centre stage

Thomas Lingsell - Andy Liffner

Ire has collaborated with the creative team of Liffner Lingsell to create a series of photos with furniture that can stand up to close inspection.
The sofa should take centre stage. This was Ire’s philosophy for their new photo series, which was photographed and styled by Andy Liffner and Thomas Lingsell. Rather than having the sofa be a small part of a traditional living room, they wanted to emphasise it and let it stand in the spotlight. The message is simple but effective: a piece of furniture from Ire is made with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, and it can stand up to close inspection.
The series was photographed at Skokloster castle, which is considered one of the most prominent Baroque palaces in Europe, as well as the largest private palace ever built in Sweden. Although it was under construction for over 30 years the palace was never entirely completed, making it the perfect backdrop for a photo session, with both magnificent rooms and uncompleted halls available. Five Ire sofas are featured here, including Altero and Rejoin, along with fabrics from Ire’s extensive archive.

Photographer Andy Liffner and stylist Tomas Lingsell have been working together for a long time, and they create poetic images full of feeling and identity for both print and advertising campaigns.
“Today images are an important tool for communicating and sharing news about a product, but they are also a way to show what a company stands for. We wanted to highlight Ire’s quality and allow the sofa to speak for itself,” said Ire’s creative director Emma Olbers.