Our history

We have a long tradition of Swedish design and crafts but have always had the eyes directed at the international market for inspiration.

Ire was founded in 1939 in Skillingaryd in Småland by the entrepreneur Gerhard Ihreborn.

Gerhard Ihreborn and his colleagues were inspired by their vision - to produce high quality furniture with long life and good timeless modern design. The goal was never high volumes but dedication to quality.

Ire was firmly anchored in a Swedish tradition. The looks, however, were initially aimed at the international market. Ire began to export the collection in several markets early on.

Ire's basic philosophy has remained unchanged over the years. We produce furniture of first-class craft quality with long lifetime, high comfort and clean, timeless modern design. Our design remains anchored in a modern Swedish tradition, but we also get inspiration from the international design market.

Ire moved to Tibro in 1995 and was bought in 2000 by the contractor Ola Söderpalm and the designer Carl-Henrik Spak. Under the leadership of Söderpalm and Spak, Ire developed positively. Several new models are added that are still part of our collection. Lammhult Design Group bought the company 2008 and since November 2018 the company is owned by H I T AB. 

At Ire, we were early in our commitment to the environment. We work as far as possible with Swedish and preferably manufactured materials and details of our designs - for maximum quality and minimal impact on our environment. Since 2010, we are therefore ISO 14001 certified. Our furniture is also labeled with Svanen, as well as the Furniture Industry's own certification Möbelfakta for environmental sustainability, quality and social responsibility.