Our leather from Elmo in Svenljunga keeps it's natural feeling and ages with big charm and pleasure

Most of the leather in our collection comes from Elmo in Svenljunga here in Västergötland. All leather is cut by hand, so we can choose the best parts of the leather and ensure the quality.

In our standard collection we have two leather qualities:

Elmo Baltique  & Elmotique (aniline)
This leather has been dyed and has been given a light surface treatment to protect against dirt. The leather retains it's natural feel and is really soft and gentle. It therefore ages with great charm and pleasure.

For care please see advise from Elmo här»


Vintage Collection  (aniline)
This leather has been dyed all the way through with the same colour and have a natural leather surface with a lot of depth and natural colour variations. Aniline leather has a very soft, pleasant feel and incredible breathability.