Fabric clothing

We have high demands on our fabrics as regards the durablility, colour sustainability and easy to care for.   

We always require comprehensive test results from the weavers, and we also makes tests ourselves to ensure results. Fabrics have to be taken good care of to last for a long time.     


The first thing to consider is the location in the room. If you place the furniture in a room with large windows, in direct sunlight or right next to an element, the fabric will eventually be damaged. The fabric will eventually be fading and the fibers may become brighter.


Stains are something that is difficult to avoid. Whatever you do when you get a stain do not try to rub it away. What happens then is that you rub the dirt deeper into the fibers. The fabric may have a worn surface where you have rubbed and in the worst case a small color change can occur. Instead, try to dissolve the stain and then wash the clothing if the stain has not really disappeared. Most of our fabric covers are removable and washable, either water wash or dry clean. Your will find washing instructions inside the fabric covers.


Many of our cushions are turnable and it is important to turn them around often. Down cushions demand more caring because the down will be packed while using the furniture. It is important to pound in air to keep the cushions nice and elastic.


Vacuum clean the couch on a regular basis. Dirt that accumulates on the couch and stays there for a long period is tearing on the fabric.