The leather we use on our furniture comes from Elmo Leather and Nevotex and is of aniline and semianiline qualities.


Aniline leather is dyed through and given only a light surface protection. This allows the leather to breathe, and leaves it extremely comfortable and soft. 
Aniline leather ages very gracefully. A frequently used sofa in aniline leather acqurires its on patina over the years. As with all delicate materials, this natural surface is sensitive and needs careful maintenance. 


Semianiline leather has, after being dyed through, been given a light pigmented coating that makes the leather more durable and easier to care for. The careful dyeing and surface finishing methods ensure that the leather maintains a natural, comfortable touch while making it more resistant to wear and tear. 


Like a furniture with textiles, the location of the furniture is the first thing to consider. Do not place the furniture in direct sunlight or just next to an element (at least 30 cm away). The leather will then dry and change color on the exposed surfaces.


Vacuum clean the couch on a regular basis with a soft brush. 

Leather protection

Lubricate the leather with moisturizing and impregnating products, ask in your store.