To ensure the highest quality and comfort and the longest life expectancy for our furniture, we make strict demands in all our manufacturing. These requirements include:

Product development
We work with carefully chosen designers who, together with our own product developer and our craftsmen, work out our furniture from scratch based on sketches and prototypes. Based on long experience, we choose which materials and which construction are most suitable. We do not take shortcuts in the development of furniture with optimal design, comfort and durability.

Our frames are made exclusively of carefully chosen Swedish wood, mainly pine and beech. Our sturdy, well-made frames guarantee greater comfort and longer lifetime.

Cutting of fabrics
All cutting of fabrics is done with computer-programmed machines, ensuring maximum accuracy and minimum waste.

Selection of fabrics
Every year we visit large fabric fairs like Proposte in Como in Italy and Mood in Brussels and are constantly looking for fabrics that meet our high standards - aesthetically and qualitatively. For quality and environmental reasons, we choose our fabrics only from Europe.

Cutting of leather
To be able to chose the best parts of the hides we do all cutting by hand. 

Quality control
Every piece of furniture is approved by the upholsterer who personally signs the piece of furniture which she/he has made.