Makeover garanti

Sustainability is a fundamental part in our philosophy at Ire. Part of this philosophy is the ten-year Makeover guarantee that we provide for those of our sofas and armchairs that have removable fabric coverings. In this guarantee, the covering of the furniture are:

It is safe to know that the covering on your furniture is completely removable. This means that the covers on the sides, back, armrests and cushions can be removed in a relatively simple way.

You will find washing instructions inside the fabric covers. If your clothing is removeable and washable it is good to know that the fabric needs to be damp when you put it back on.

We guarantee that you can buy a new covering for your sofa within 10 years, even though the model would have been modified in the meantime. Save the order number under the furniture so we can get all the information and make a new fabric cover.