Sustainability has always been a fundamental part of our philosophy at Ire. This concept covers both our design and our production. It is our conviction that furniture that has a long lifetime is the best choice for our environment.

Timeless design

An important part of our sustainability philosophy is the timelessness of our design. The furniture will be able to age with pleasure in any interior environment.

Handcrafted quality

We have hard quality requirements. Our wooden furniture frames are manufactured in Swedish woodwork and polyether molded and produced in Småland.

Detachable covering

This means that when you get tired of the fabric - or the fabric is worn out - you can change the covering and continue to use your furniture for many years.

10 years Makeover guarantee!

This guarantee means that we save the patterns for your furniture for at least 10 years so that we can make a new cover in a fabric from the existing fabric collection. It is possible even if the model has been modified or expired from our collection. On each furniture there is an order number under the sofa. Save this number so we can get all the facts about your furniture and produce a new fabric cover. However, we can not guarantee that the same fabric is still available.


This certification, which we have since 2010, puts constant pressure on us to constantly review every detail of our business based on environmental sustainability. This means, for example, continually reducing our electricity consumption, sorting waste, working with renewable materials, reducing the number of chemicals, printing on fewer paper, and more. This rigorous program is followed up with internal and external audits every year.

Svanen and Möbelfakta

Some of our furniture are Svanen labeled. Some are also labeled with the Furniture Industry's own certification Möbelfakta, which includes environmental sustainability, quality and social responsibility. We are working that more of our furniture will meet the stringent requirements for these classifications.