Emma Olbers, designer på Ire

Emma Olbers

Emma Olbers is one of Sweden's most acclaimed contemporary furniture designers, even outside the country's borders.

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Jesper Ståhl, designer på Ire

Jesper Ståhl

Jesper Ståhl is a freelance designer who embodies the fusion between the creativity of Småland and a Master of Design from Royal Collage of Art in London. His portfolio spans everything from kitchen utensils, tools and cutlery, to furniture, lighting and electronic products.

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Carl-Henrik Spak, designer på Ire

Carl-Henrik Spak

Quite a few of the best-selling classics in our collection were designed by multiple award winner Carl-Henrik Spak. Spak’s design is characterised by purity and timelessness, as well as Swedish design tradition — but also by an international feeling, finish and elegance.

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 Ellinor Ericsson, designer på Ire

Ellinor Ericsson

Ellinor Ericsson is a young designer trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Copenhagen.

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Josefine Alpen, designer på Ire

Josefine Alpen

Josefin Alpen is a promising young designer who graduated from Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies in 2012 and has worked as a freelance designer since then.

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